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Spider Treatment Services

Because of the warm Southwest Florida climate, spiders can be found in and around your home year-round. The presence of spider webs may indicate the need for a specialized spider treatment that focuses on eliminating the webs and treating the surrounding area.

Spiders are one of the most diverse species among all organisms, making it easy to find their way into your home and outside all year long. Our spider control program is effective in removing and preventing spiders and the reformation of spider webs within your living spaces.

Many species are safe to humans, but even so, there are some that pose a threat, such as, Recluses and Widows. Personalized Pest Control take these threats seriously as they can harm you, your child, or pet. However, Personalized Pest Control of Naples has developed a scientific treatment program that is specifically engineered for spider removal of all kinds.

Post-Treatment with Personalized Pressure Cleaning

We ask you to partner with us because to keep your pests at bay, maintain your property and keep your home exterior clean, by checking out Personalized Pressure Cleaning of Naples. They can routinely provide soft wash cleaning services to upkeep outdoor areas, upkeep beauty, and give a deep cleanse to take care of any outdoor spider issues.
Select either button below for more information about our Pressure Cleaning Partnership!

7 Spiders Common to Southwest Florida

Black Widow

Brown Recluse


Wolf Spider

Daddy Long Legs

Spiny Orb-Weaver

Banana Spider

Huntsman Spider

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