Have spiders taken over your pool cage? We can help

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Because of the warm Southwest Florida climate, spiders can be found in and around your home year-round. The presence of spider webs may indicate the need for a specialized spider treatment that focuses on eliminating the webs and treating the surrounding area.

Southwest Florida has a variety of spiders that can take up residence in and around your home, including your pool cage and screened lanai. Since Hurricane Irma, we have experienced an increase in spiders inhabiting screen cages. The area has also seen an increase in midges infesting ponds and lakes.

Spiders will feed on the midges and other insects. As long as there is a food source, the spiders will continue to inhabit your pool cage and even in the shrubbery around your home.

Our Spider Control Program

Much like our mosquito program, our spider control program utilizes professional grade foggers and chemicals to target spiders and their webs. The foggers allow the chemical to penetrate the web and make contact with the spider. The chemical will also assist in the disintegrating of the web.

As part of an effective spider control program, it is also important to regularly clean your home and pool cage. We recommend pressure cleaning several times per year to help minimize the presence of webs. As a homeowner, when you partner with us to keep the outside of your home clean, we can achieve optimum results in controlling spiders in your pool cage.

7 Spiders Common to Southwest Florida


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