Household Pests

Your Home Is Your Most Valuable Asset


Our team stalks pests until the source of entry is discovered.

Since your home is usually your most valuable asset, it makes sense that you would want to protect it from the intrusion of unwanted guests. Ants, spiders, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, millipedes, and centipedes should not be living in your home. Personalized Pest Control, Inc. effectively treats pests in and around your home and can design a personalized program to meet your needs.

Initial Assessment & Inspection

Upon the initial assessment of your home and after each subsequent treatment, recommendations will be made as to how the homeowner can assist Personalized Pest Control, Inc. in maintaining a pest-free environment. This may include (but not limited to) trimming or removing plant matter that comes in contact with the exterior of the home, sweeping down spider webs on a weekly basis to deter spiders from seeking refuge in eaves and patio corners, and caulking holes/gaps in window sills or door jams that allow pests to gain entry into the home.

Common Pests We Treat


Ants are the #1 problem in pest control industry

Ants are categorized as the #1 household nuisance pest. Their presence can become a larger problem if the ant activity is not addressed as soon as they arrive. Though ants do not generally cause the devastating structural damage that other pests such as termites can cause, they can still cause home and business owners frustration and embarrassment when they arrive. The professionals at Personalized Pest Control are trained to eliminate ant populations inside your home and throughout your outdoor spaces.


You may need specialized treatment

If you spot one cockroach in your home or business, it is usually an indication that there is a larger pest control issue occurring on your property. Because cockroaches love warm climates, they are present year-round in Southwest Florida and are often unavoidable to home and business owners throughout our area. Taking proactive steps to eliminate cockroach populations is the best way to avoid encounters with these winged pests. Personalized Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your home and property to identify and treat problem areas that encourage the growth of a pest population.


The most effective program available

Keep your family, and furry best friends, safe from fleas. Not only do fleas cause unpleasant and uncomfortable bites and bumps, they are also known carriers of insect-borne illnesses. Because these pests are difficult to see with the human eye, they often enter your home undetected and quickly spread. Flea control requires two steps, treating your pets and treating the premises. What can you do to get rid of fleas? Personalized Pest Control will create a custom treatment plan to ensure that fleas in your home or business are eliminated.


You may need specialized treatment

In recent years, the presence of millipedes inside Southwest Florida homes has increased exponentially. These creatures tend to make their presence known during the wet, summer months. Identified easily by their long, tubular exoskeletons with dozens of legs, these pests will find their way into a structure and usually die within 24 hours due to the dry indoor conditions. Preventing an invasion of millipedes starts outdoors with the application of high-grade solutions formulated to eliminate millipede populations. Personalized Pest Control has the education and experience to remove millipedes from your property efficiently and effectively.


Education and experience leading to quality results, along with a commitment to the Southwest Florida community, has allowed Personalized Pest Control to grow steadily throughout the years.

All technicians are educated bi-weekly at staff meetings to review and advance their knowledge and techniques. They are provided up-to-date knowledge regarding every aspect of pest control, including service techniques and plans, customer interaction standards, cleanliness in the home, equipment operation, and driving skills. All technicians are Florida State Licensed and Certified pest control operators.


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