Bees & Wasps

Specialized Bee & Stinging Insect Removal Services

Bees and wasps swarm all year long, meaning a hive can pop up on your property at any time.

Popular locations for bee and wasp nests include trees, roof lines, inside walls, and utility boxes.

Bees and wasps can cause a problem in your home or yard and disrupt daily life and compromise your family’s safety. If a member of your family is allergic to bee or wasp stings, it may even warrant a trip to the hospital. For those without allergies, a bite can still be painful. If you want to ensure that bee or wasp stings do not pose a danger to your family, let our professional exterminators address the problem.

There are many DIY pest control treatments you can do on your own to remove and prevent pests. Bees and wasps are not a pest a homeowner should attempt to remove on their own. Contacting our experts can save you both time and money, as well as protect your health. A professional exterminator will know how to safely locate and eliminate your bee or wasp problem for good.

Bee Swarming

A swarm of bees can consist of over 5,000 individuals. As a hive is formed and the quantity of bees grows, the hive may split resulting in two separate hives with separate queens and colonies.

Regardless of the location, our experienced professionals will remove the threat of bees to your Naples home.

The sight of swarming bees may be frightening but it signals the perfect time to call our experienced Naples bee and wasp removal specialists. Our Naples bee and wasp removal expert will inspect and evaluate the issue and recommend the course of treatment and cost associated with that treatment.

Signs of A Bee Infestation

  • Excessive number of bees and bee nests around your property.
  • Active nests located in trees, your garage, shed, attic, and eaves, or hidden in wall voids.
  • Unpleasant odor within your home, dark spots on ceilings and walls, which may be a result of decaying beehive or honeycomb.


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