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Personalized Pest Control, Inc. has been locally owned and operated in Naples, Florida for over 30 years.

We've been in your neighborhood for decades!

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The owner and certified operator began his career in pest control in 1984 and opened Personalized Pest Control, Inc. in 1991. Combined, the team behind Personalized Pest Control proudly boasts over 32 years of experience in the pest control and extermination industry.

Personalized Pest Control’s success over the years is the result of professionals who are thoroughly educated about pests, their behavior and how to eliminate them, along with regular re-training and updating as new information and techniques emerge. This is combined with a dedication to cleanliness, respect for our clients and their property, and positive attitudes about their mission.

Every pest problem is different.

Underpinning it all is the recognition that every pest problem is as different as the pests involved, the premises affected, and the lifestyle of the people who reside there. A successful solution to each problem, therefore, requires extensive know-how, practical experience, innovation and the commitment to stay with it until the problem is solved.

Customers have consistently rated Personalized Pest Control as #1 in customer service in Naples, Florida and the majority of business comes from word-of-mouth referrals by satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in providing personalized service and quality work, partnered with our knowledge and experience. We are truly committed to providing you with “the service you deserve,” and this is what makes us the best pest control company in Collier County.

Mission Statement

Personalized Pest Control has led the fight against Southwest Florida’s pests since 1991. Founded on the pillars of education, experience and proven results, we pride ourselves on more than just determination. We rely on expertise.

We believe that a successful solution requires extensive know-how, practical experience, innovation and the commitment to stay with it until the problem is solved.
In other words, success requires Personalized Pest Control.

Statement of Quality

Personalized Pest Control provides Collier County and South Lee residents with the most personalized and professional pest control solutions in the area. Rated #1 in our customer service by referrals from satisfied customers, it is our dedication, provable service record, educated staff and low-pressure attitude that makes Personalized Pest Control one of Southwest Florida’s premier pest control specialists.


Education and experience leading to quality results, along with a commitment to the Southwest Florida community, has allowed Personalized Pest Control to grow steadily throughout the years.

All technicians are educated bi-weekly at staff meetings to review and advance their knowledge and techniques. They are provided up-to-date knowledge regarding every aspect of pest control, including service techniques and plans, customer interaction standards, cleanliness in the home, equipment operation, and driving skills. 


Our satisfied customers tell it better than we ever could.

Personalized Pest Control