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This beautiful grass requires routine maintenance to ensure that it remains healthy and vibrant.

Beautiful, emerald colored Zoysia grass is just one benefit of owning a home in Southwest Florida. This thick, carpet-like grass is considered the most desirable because of its rich green color and plush appearance. As beautiful as this grass may be, it does require routine maintenance to ensure that it remains healthy and vibrant.

One of the most common problems associated with Zoysia grass is the dreaded “brown spot”, which is in fact a disease outbreak. Unfortunately, Zoysia grass is the first species to go off-color in the fall and the last to green-up in the spring.

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If a brown patch occurs, the damage will be visible into the next summer. Because of the cyclical nature of Zoysia grass, it is important to ward off any potential disease with preventative treatment.

Proper fertilization is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn. The process of fertilization influences the health and quality of the lawn and makes it less vulnerable to several stresses including disease, weeds and insects.

Personalized Pest Control has created state of the art, custom nourishment programs to maintain the health of your Zoysia grass and nourish diseased grass back to optimum health.

Prepare & Protect Your Grass

Winter seems far away but mid summer is a key time to prepare and strengthen your Zoysia lawn to combat the disease and environmental pressures that occur during our seasonal transitions

2 week turnaround and winter ready!

Ficus Whiteflies

Ficus Whiteflies are a cause for concern in Southwest Florida. Protect your plants today.

Don’t let whiteflies destroy your beautiful landscaping. Personalized Pest Control’s highly effective whitefly treatment can successfully reverse damage caused by whiteflies in just 3 months using growth hormones, fertilizers, and nutrients.

After a comprehensive examination of your shrubs and bushes, our professional pest control specialists develop a custom whitefly control and removal strategy to eliminate whiteflies on your property


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