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Personalized Pest Control: The Zoysia Grass Experts

The process begins with maintaining the current health of your trees including creating optimal conditions for plant growth

Beautiful, emerald colored Zoysia grass is just one benefit of owning a home in Southwest Florida. This thick, carpet-like grass is considered the most desirable because of its rich green color and plush appearance. As beautiful as this grass may be, it does require routine maintenance to ensure that it remains healthy and vibrant.

One of the most common problems associated with Zoysia grass is the dreaded “brown spot”, which is in fact a disease outbreak. Unfortunately, Zoysia grass is the first species to go off-color in the fall and the last to green-up in the spring.

Integrated insect and damage management.

Is your lawn being taken over by bugs? We can help!

Personalized Pest Control’s comprehensive approach aims to eliminate lawn and shrub pests and the resulting damage that may occur. Our process begins with inspecting the plants located throughout your property for damage. A certified technician will treat diseased plant matter and will suggest a routine maintenance plan including nutrition packages and strategic fertilization practices to maintain the health of your yard year-round.

Additionally, Personalized Pest Control’s arborists are trained to recognize pest infestations as well as detect beneficial insects that support the health of a tree. There are hundreds of insect species that will damage or kill leaves, stems, branches, flowers, and fruit. Some of these insects include Ambrosia Beetles, Cankerworms, Aphids, and Weevils.

Ficus Whiteflies

Ficus Whiteflies are a cause for concern in Southwest Florida. Protect your plants today.

Don’t let whiteflies destroy your beautiful landscaping. Personalized Pest Control’s highly effective whitefly treatment can successfully reverse damage caused by whiteflies in just 3 months using growth hormones, fertilizers, and nutrients.

After a comprehensive examination of your shrubs and bushes, our professional pest control specialists develop a custom whitefly control and removal strategy to eliminate whiteflies on your property


Education and experience leading to quality results, along with a commitment to the Southwest Florida community, has allowed Personalized Pest Control to grow steadily throughout the years.

All technicians are educated bi-weekly at staff meetings to review and advance their knowledge and techniques. They are provided up-to-date knowledge regarding every aspect of pest control, including service techniques and plans, customer interaction standards, cleanliness in the home, equipment operation, and driving skills. All technicians are Florida State Licensed and Certified pest control operators.


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