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Seasonal plan to ensure your shrubs receive protection and nutrients all year-round.

Southwest Florida is a tough environment for native plants, especially those grown outside the area and trucked in to local nurseries. "Native" shrubs grown elsewhere are especially vulnerable since they are raised in soil which has little to no resemblance to the actual ground in which they are ultimately transplanted.

Because of this people waste a great deal of time and money on shrubs that wilt and die within days of buying and replanting. This frustration could be avoided but it takes a lot of outside help to keep shrubs healthy and thriving year round.

The soil here is alkaline causing nutrients to degrade quickly preventing proper root absorption. Therefore frequent applications of fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides are needed.

We begin with an assessment of the integrity and condition of your shrubs, and then create a custom treatment program to produce a healthy growing environment.

Personalized Pest Control listens to your goals and develops a seasonal plan of service to ensure your shrubs receive proper protection and nutrients all year-round.


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