Proper Irrigation in the Winter Months

Proper irrigation this time of the year is crucial due to fluctuating temperatures, inconsistent sunlight, and unseasonable rain amounts. Turf only has the ability to absorb and process so much water. Excessive water on top of that is detrimental to the turf because it creates an environmental decline of the root structure which results in a condition that is not treatable. This concept also applies to plants, palms, and trees.

Additionally, roots need air as much as water. When your turf is saturated with water there is no air; therefore, the roots rot. Hence the importance of drying time between watering cycles.
Irrigation time varies from property to property and turf type. For example, at our personal home, we have St. Augustine grass and we have not watered our lawn for about one month….and the lawn looks great! However, depending on your turf type and property needs, your lawn may require more irrigation.

After evaluating the condition of your lawn, the question should NOT be, “Am I watering enough?” BUT “Am I watering correctly?”

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