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One-in-three Florida homes have a Termite-Contract. Don't be the other two.

Among the many stresses of home ownership, termites top the list. We’re here to help.

The professionals at Personalized Pest Control, Inc. guarantees that termites will never be unwanted guests in your home. Trust our team to personalize a termite treatment plan to specifically fit your needs. 



Signs of Termite Damage

1.     Mud Tubes and/or rotting wood along perimeter of house

2.     Presence of termite excrement on posts, beams, siding, and floors.

3.     Termite wings on floor, windowsill or near foundation outside.

Termite Swarming

Termites are social insects and live in groups called colonies. These colonies consist of termites that are assigned different roles including soldiers, reproductive, nymphs, and “false workers.” For homeowners, a termite swarm is the most visible sign of a termite infestation. When swarming, thousands of termites swarm out of their nests with one objective, to find a mate and build a nest in hopes to eventually start a colony. Colonies produce swarms once they have reached a certain size based on the number of workers in the colony.

Get the Termite Treatment Service You Deserve

Unfortunately, termites are a fact of life in Naples and Southwest Florida. However, the quality programs offered by Personalized Pest Control guarantee that termites will never be unwanted guests in your home.

Termites can damage the wood of your home and leave you in financial crisis. . We will evaluate your home for the presence of either Subterranean Termites or Drywood Termites and develop a treatment plan to resolve termite issues within your home. Trust our team to personalize a termite treatment plan specifically for your needs.

The owners of Personalized Pest Control have personally overseen every termite job for the past 30 years and Personalized Pest Control has never had a claim for damage caused by termite control or extermination.

Ask About Pre-Construction Soil Treatment Service!

Take $75 off Termite Control!

small termites

Termites Found in Florida

Subterranean termites nest in the soil and require moisture to survive. These termites are the most destructive of all the termite species because colonies are often hidden in the wood. By the time the presence of subterranean termites are noticed, damage to the structure has already occurred. Swarmers are attracted to light and most commonly swarm in early spring. 

Swarms of Drywood termites are generally smaller than subterranean termite swarms. Drywood termites infest dry wood and do not require contact with the soil. Drywood termites generally swarm in the spring and summer. Homeowners may notice discarded wings accumulating around window sills or in spider webs. Additionally, Drywood pellets may be evident on floors and furniture. Pellets are a clear indicator your home requires a termite treatment. 

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