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Is Your Home Protected?

Termites are a fact of life in Naples and Southwest Florida. However, the quality programs offered by Personalized Pest Control guarantee that termites will never be unwanted guests in your home.

Termites can damage the wood of your home and leave you in financial crisis. Termites cause millions of dollars of damage each year. Termites also cause more damage to home structures than storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. This is why we stress the importance of having a quality termite treatment performed at your home.

Treatment Methods:

Prevention & Elimination – Full home chemical treatments both inside and outside

Prevention & Monitoring – Effective defensive monitoring stations/systems


For homeowners, a termite swarm is the most visible sign of a termite infestation. Since termites live within the walls, foundation and attic space of a home, they often go undetected. When a termite colony reaches full capacity, termites will begin to swarm in an attempt to find a new location to establish a new nest or colony.

Visible Signs of Termites:

+ Mud tubes or tunnels

+ Rotting wood

+ Termite excrement on posts, beams, siding, floors

+ Discarded termite wings on floors, window sills, or doors

Types of Termites (2 most common to SW Florida):

+ Subterranean – Live in moist soil and damp wood and can enter structures through the foundation or wood that has contact with the soil.

+ Drywood – Live inside the wood of a home and do not require contact with the soil.

Both types of termites will swarm during daylight hours, typically in the Spring as the SW Florida climate turns hot and humid.


If you think you might have a termite issue at your home or business, call Personalized Pest Control.

We will evaluate your home for the presence of either Subterranean Termites or Drywood Termites and develop a treatment plan to resolve termite issues within your home. Trust our team to personalize a termite treatment plan specifically for your needs.

The owners of Personalized Pest Control have personally overseen every termite job in Naples, Marco Island and Bonita Springs for the past 30 years and Personalized Pest Control has never had a claim for damage caused by termite control or extermination.

Ask About Pre-Construction Soil Treatment Service!

Take $75 off Termite Control!

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