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Personalized Pest Control: The Zoysia Grass Experts

Beautiful, emerald colored Zoysia grass is just one benefit of owning a home in Southwest Florida. This thick, carpet-like grass is considered the most desirable because of its rich green color and plush appearance. As beautiful as this grass may be, it does require routine maintenance to ensure that it remains healthy and vibrant.

One of the most common problems associated with Zoysia grass is the dreaded “brown spot”, which is in fact a disease outbreak.  Unfortunately, Zoysia grass is the first species to go off-color in the fall and the last to green-up in the spring. If a brown patch occurs, the damage will be visible into the next summer. Because of the cyclical nature of Zoysia grass, it is important to ward off any potential disease with preventative treatment.

Proper fertilization is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn. The process of fertilization influences the health and quality of the lawn and makes it less vulnerable to several stresses including disease, weeds and insects.

Personalized Pest Control has created state of the art, custom nourishment programs to maintain the health of your Zoysia grass and nourish diseased grass back to optimum health.

Current recommendations state that Zoysia grass should receive 3-6 applications per year in most situations. We recommend that treatments occur in early spring and late fall.

Other factors may influence the health of your Zoysia grass including pests like hunting billbugs, mole crickets and sod webworms. Personalized Pest Control offers lawn/turf pest control solutions designed to leave your landscape healthy and pest-free.

Excessive shade, compact soil, improper watering (over- or under-watering), traffic and unstable pH levels can also result in an unhealthy lawn.

Give our skilled landscaping professionals a ring and get a free Zoysia grass estimate!

Have you noticed small moths flying low in and out of your lawn? This is most likely a sign that your lawn is host to Tropical Sod Webworms, or Chinch bugs. The damage and discoloration they cause does not take long to appear.

Found in the tropical climate of Florida, Chinch bugs are no laughing matter. In fact, they are dangerous creatures to your lawn and can kill it very fast. Prevention is the key for Chinch bug control, however, if you notice even a small patch of dead grass, it may be a sign of a Chinch bug infestation. Chinch bugs deprive your lawn of the water and nutrients important for well-maintained growth. Personalized Pest Control can kill the Chinch bugs, treat your lawn for further outbreaks, and ensure you have a lush lawn for years to come with ongoing maintenance.

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