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Guard against termite invasions before they start

Personalized Pest Control, Inc. takes a proactive approach to termite protection by providing treatments that are designed to guard against termite invasions before they start.

The protection of homes and businesses in South Florida requires the combined effort of builders, pest management professionals, and building inspectors. Building codes contain provisions that prevent structures from being more vulnerable to termite invasions, including site pre-treatment. Termite protection requires the foundations of new buildings to have some form of protection from termites.

During the initial construction phase, a soil treatment is required, per county codes, for the treatment of subterranean termites. The team at Personalized Pest Control is well-versed in pest control in relation to building codes, and ensures that all the necessary paperwork and treatments are completed prior to construction. In addition to other items and tasks, a notice of treatment will be posted on the permit board and all necessary paperwork will be provided to the contractor or homeowner as appropriate.

Direct access to scheduling and billing on P/T Division will be linked directly from here...


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