Ant Control

Prevention is the best line of defense against the establishment of ant populations

Ants are a common nuisance in Florida.

Prevention treatments from our trained technicians keep ants out for good.

Ants are categorized as the #1 household nuisance pest. Their presence can become a larger problem if the ant activity is not addressed as soon as they arrive. Though ants do not generally cause the devastating structural damage that other pests such as termites can cause, they can still cause home and business owners frustration and embarrassment when they arrive. The professionals at Personalized Pest Control are trained to eliminate ant populations inside your home and throughout your outdoor spaces.

Treatment & Defense

Several species of ants are found inside and outside homes throughout Southwest Florida. Locally, ant populations are generally placed into three different groups—house-infesting, yard-infesting, and carpenter ants.
As with any pest, prevention is the best line of defense against the establishment of ant populations. Ants can enter the home through extremely small openings. Cracks and holes where ants can seek entry need to be addressed, secured, and sealed. Our trained technicians will locate these areas and apply treatments and sealants accordingly.

The Inspection Process

During an inspection, we will work to locate the nest and source of your pest control problem. Next, we will determine the type of infestation that is occurring and take action to remove the threat and prevent future pest control issues.


Education and experience leading to quality results, along with a commitment to the Southwest Florida community, has allowed Personalized Pest Control to grow steadily throughout the years.

All technicians are educated bi-weekly at staff meetings to review and advance their knowledge and techniques. They are provided up-to-date knowledge regarding every aspect of pest control, including service techniques and plans, customer interaction standards, cleanliness in the home, equipment operation, and driving skills. All technicians are Florida State Licensed and Certified pest control operators.


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