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Enjoy Being Outside Again

Customized Mosquito Services, Guaranteed Results. Get a FREE Estimate!

Mosquitoes are, unfortunately, a fact of life in Florida. Stop fighting the bite in your backyard. Personalized Pest Control is pleased to offer effective, affordable mosquito pest control solutions to clients across Southwest Florida. With over 25 years of service, we have developed a mosquito control program that is sure to get you back outside again.

Mosquitoes are small insects with a needle-shaped mouth that is used to pierce the skin of a host to extract blood. Mosquito bites are not only painful; they can also cause major health problems, including Zika.

Personalized Pest Control is prepared to provide comprehensive mosquito control and removal services aimed at reducing the number of mosquitoes on your property to ensure your safety and comfort. Highly specialized pest control removal professionals can analyze and identify spawning areas and hospitable locations where Mosquitos dwell. This includes, standing water, shrubbery, and other potential areas prone to mosquito growth, which we then treat with our mosquito-eliminating formula.

Don’t rely on county-owned mosquito control services to keep your household mosquito free. Mosquito treatments from Personalized Pest Control can provide additional, personalized solutions for anyone seeking relief from these harmful outdoor pests. We use industrial size and professional grade foggers, combined with EPA approved chemicals that target airborne mosquitoes. We recommend monthly treatments to maintain continued year-round control.

mosquito on skin
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