Less Water is Better

What does irrigation, rain, and cold weather have to do with lawn pest control…EVERYTHING!! Pest control cannot correct stresses to your landscape caused by excess water or cooler temperatures. Proper or improper horticulture practices have a direct impact on your lawn and shrub pest control program.

In December, we reminded you to check your irrigation every 2 weeks because watering needs change as the temperature changes. In January, we experienced unseasonable rain amounts and, therefore, stressed the importance of allowing your lawn adequate drying time between watering cycles. Now in February, the cooler temperatures have hit us hard 3 weeks in a row, with much of the area experiencing temperatures in the low 40s. As if dropping temperatures weren’t bad enough, some areas around Southwest Florida experienced 2 inches of rain last weekend.

Plant material shuts down in Southwest Florida during cold snaps. Our natural tendency is to water struggling plant matter. However, watering will only increase the current seasonable stresses. However, growth will rejuvenate naturally but it may take 3-4 weeks of warm weather for lawn and shrubs to turn around.….which is why we say “DO NOT OVERWATER.” Overwatering in the winter months is detrimental to plant material. We recommend reducing your watering schedule to 1x/week over the next 2 weeks and then re-evaluate your watering needs again.

We recommend contacting your irrigation or landscape company to ensure your current watering cycle has been adjusted to accommodate our current weather patterns (or just turn off and on as needed). When watering issues are not addressed correctly and timely, they can negatively impact the overall condition of your landscape environment as well as decrease the effectiveness of your lawn and shrub pest control program…..not to mention the fact that you are just throwing money out the door!!