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Comprehensive treatment programs for all lawn and shrub pest control needs.

Personalized Pest Control offers comprehensive treatment programs for all your lawn and shrub pest control needs.

Our lawn and shrub pest control programs begin with an initial assessment of the integrity and condition of your turf and plant material.  Based on that assessment, we will recommend a pest control treatment program that is designed to promote a healthy landscape environment.

The most common landscaping-related diseases and pests that may damage your turf or trees include Ganoderma, Pine Beetles/Ambrosia Beetles, Fusariam Wilt, White Fly, Weevils and Trunk and Crown Rot.

Our lawn-related disease and pest control services are scheduled during the appropriate times in the year to ensure your lawn and/or shrubs receive the proper treatments and nutrients needed year-round.

Lawn and Turf Damage from Pesticide Treatment

Pest control pesticides can occasionally damage a homeowner's lawn and turf. Personalized Pest Control does not provide lawn care maintenance, but we are more than available to work alongside your pre-existing lawn service to work together to get your lawn healthy post-treatment.

Let Us Grow Your Lawn

We can assist with recovery in time (6-8 months) using cutting-edge hormonal and fertilizing treatments developed by us.


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