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Let Us Grow Your Lawn.

Personalized Pest Control offers comprehensive treatment programs for all your lawn and shrub pest control needs.

Our lawn and shrub pest control programs begin with an initial assessment of the integrity and condition of your turf and plant material.  Based on that assessment, we will recommend a lawn pest control treatment program that is designed to promote a healthy landscape environment.

The most common landscaping-related diseases and pests that may damage your turf or trees include Ganoderma, Pine Beetles/Ambrosia Beetles, Fusariam Wilt, White Fly, Weevils and Trunk and Crown Rot.

Our lawn-related disease and pest control services are scheduled during the appropriate times in the year to ensure your lawn and/or shrubs receive the proper treatments and nutrients needed year-round.

Lawn and Shrub Pest Control Services Offered:

Treatment of St. Augustine Grass
Specialized Treatment of Zoysia Grass
Shrub and Hedge Treatments
Treatments for Ganoderma, Pine/Ambrosia Beetles, Fusariam Wilt, Weevils,
Trunk/Crown Rot
White Fly Treatments
Insect Control for Chinch Bugs and Fire Ants
Fungus and Weed Control Programs
Fertilization Programs for lawn, Shrubs, and Palms

Southwest Florida is a tough environment for lawn and shrubs to thrive. Our landscape is always dealing with high temperatures and excessive humidity. Since we live on the coast, we also deal with salt intrusion issues that can severely damage both turf and plant matter. Even though we experience several months of rainy weather, we also experience several months of dry weather. The unpredictable rain patterns mean homeowners and landscapers spend a lot of time regulating and controlling irrigation systems. Too much water or too little water can be detrimental to your landscape environment. We also must deal with insect infestations, disease issues, and weed control problems.

Fertilization is also a key component to healthy turf and plants. Our soil is alkaline causing nutrients to degrade quickly preventing root absorption. Therefore, frequent applications of fertilizers help round out a complete lawn and shrub pest control program.

As a result, Personalized Pest Control recommends the proactive approach to maintaining a pest-free landscape. We will listen to your goals and develop a seasonal plan to ensure your lawn and landscape receive proper protection and nutrients all year-round.

Contact the lawn specialists at Personalized Pest Control to provide you with an estimate to treat and maintain your lawn and shrub pest control needs.


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