Fungus In The Cooler Months

Cooler temps, less sunlight, and over-watering causes rotting of roots in lawn and shrubs, which causes fungus. No amount of fungicide will reverse the damage caused by over-watering. Once your turf or plant enters the root-rotting stage, it could take months to overcome the problem. This time of year, if you have fungus in your lawn or shrubs, it is due to over-watering.

Proper irrigation this time of year is crucial. Unlike the summer months, you cannot “set and forget” your irrigation timer during the cooler months. Water requirements continually change during cooler months. Therefore, your sprinkling practices should be re-evaluated every 2 weeks based on the changing temperatures. Remember: Lower temps–less water. Higher temps–more water. Consult your irrigation company to ensure these practices are being followed this time of year.