Bird Deterrent

Personalized Pest Control’s Bid Control Specialists offer immediate assistance for all bird control issues in Naples, Florida.

Southwest Florida is the perfect environment for birds to thrive and survive all year long. The large abundance of insects and food sources throughout our community cause birds to seek refuge in many unexpected locations, including in and around your home. Bird roosting, nesting, and sheltering sites can pose a huge issue and even cause health and safety issues, as well as home damage. Once a roosting site is established, a bird will likely continue to return to that location.

While there are a variety of birds that might be attracted to your home, the most common nuisance bird complaint that we receive frequently involves woodpeckers. When looking for a home, woodpeckers make holes in the fascia of your home and will establish a nest in preparation for their eggs. These holes can result in unsightly damage to the exterior of your home.

Personalized Pest Control offers on-site evaluations that include effective bird deterrent methods for both short-term and long-term control, as well as exclusion services to repair damaged areas.

If you have a bird control issue in Naples, Florida, our specialists offer residential and commercial bird control services for homeowners, businesses and more.

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