Bees & Wasps

Take the sting out of harmful stinging pests in Naples, Florida.

Wasps, bees, and hornets are not only troublesome, they may even be deadly for those allergic to their stings. Did you know that eliminating stinging insects on your own can be difficult and even dangerous? Many over-the-counter sprays are applied incorrectly and do not completely eliminate the entire colony of bees or wasps.

Nests located deep within walls, attics, and crawl space are the most challenging nests to treat, and extremely dangerous to attempt a DIY removal.

This is where our professional stinging insect removal services come in. Our educated team can take care of your pest problem efficiently without putting your or your family at risk in the process. The faster you call a licensed pest control professional, the sooner your family’s home and lives can return to normal.

What should you do if you believe you have an indoor or outdoor infestation of stinging insects? Keep away from the hive or source of activity and call us to speak with our pest control experts. Our technicians will evaluate the entire issue to determine the most effective course of treatment.

Don’t forget, it takes education and a special set of skills to eliminate stinging pests. We urge you to avoid treatment on your own as these creatures can swarm and deliver multiple stings—especially dangerous to those who are allergic, very young, or elderly. We have the special skills and equipment for successful bee and wasp removal and prevention.

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