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Specialized Bee Removal Services

Personalized Pest Control employs highly trained and experienced bee and wasp removal experts. Our knowledge of bees  and wasps and their habits allow us to effectively and safely treat and eradicate existing beehives in and around your home. Our beehive and wasp elimination program is highly effective in removing existing bees and wasps and preventing the re-formation of future hives.

In Naples, bees and wasps can cause pest control issues all year-round. Local stinging insects swarm several times a year due to the temperate and favorable climate of Southwest Florida. Hives can be established in nearby trees, offsite, and roof lines of you home, as well as inside of your home and in on-site utility boxes. Regardless of location, our experienced professionals will safely remove the threat of bees from your home environment.

The sight of swarming bees may be frightening but it signals the perfect time to call our experienced Naples bee and wasp removal specialists. Our Naples bee and wasp removal expert will inspect and evaluate the issue and recommend the course of treatment and cost associated with that treatment.

Signs Of Bee Infestation
  1. Excessive number of bees and bee nests around your property.
  2. Active nests located in trees, your garage, shed, attic, and eaves, or hidden in wall
  3. Unpleasant odor within your home, dark spots on ceilings and walls, which may be a result of decaying beehive or honeycomb.


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