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We have developed a no-drill, no damage treatment

Don’t lose your legacy trees. We have developed a no-drill, no damage treatment for large trees with failing health. Specialized fertilizers and nutrients are applied via root systems. Ask us about this treatment today!

Storm Damaged Palm Tree Treatment

Palm trees have adapted in their tropical climates to withstand major windstorms, including hurricanes. Though palms are quite resilient, a major windstorm event can damage even the healthiest palm trees. After the storm passes, take a moment to assess the damage to your landscaping and palms.

After a major weather event occurs, such as Hurricane Irma, the most devastating damage to our southwest Florida landscape comes in the form of damaged palm trees. Most of the damage after a hurricane is found in the canopy in the form of lost fronds and in damaged root systems. When damage occurs to a palm after a tropical storm or hurricane, the tree must be treated to ensure its health and longevity.

Personalized Pest Control recommends that stressed palms receive a fertilizing treatment with an insecticide and fungicide to prevent disease and insect infestation. Treatment is crucial for a palm’s recovery, as treatment strengthens the tree that will prevent additional damage during wintertime temperatures and in the event of a future tropical storm or hurricane.

If your palm trees were affected by Hurricane Irma, please contact the professionals at Personalized Pest Control at 239-455-844 for a free post-storm palm tree inspection.


palm trees against sky
palm trees against sky
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