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Ants are the #1 problem in the pest control industry. We develop a unique pest control solution to solve each individual invasion. There are many different species of ants, and are attracted to a variety of food sources. The key to effectively control ant populations is to identify the type of ant and develop a pest control treatment plan based on the habits of specific ant species.

ant on leaf

Bees & Wasps

Bees & Wasps are flying insects that are related to ants. Similar to other insects, there are many species of each. Further, they also live socially as a colony to protect their queen. Our beehive elimination program is highly effective in removing bees and preventing the re-formation of future hives.


Millipedes are a common problem during the summer, rainy months. These "pests" are actually part of the crustacean family because they have a hard exoskeleton shell.  They harbor in your lawn and shrubs, and require a specialized pest control service that is designed to penetrate the hard outer shell.  Special attention is given to mulched areas, edges of driveways and sidewalks, and the adjacent turf areas



While Ant's are the #1 pest in the industry, mosquito's are the #1 annoyance in the Florida Community. Every rainy season, these insects build and develop spawning areas, giving birth to hundreds of small insects with a needle-shaped mouth that is used by the creature to pierce the skin of a host to extract blood. Mosquito bites are not only painful; they can also cause major health problems, including Zika. Mosquito treatments from Personalized Pest Control can provide additional;, personalized solutions for anyone seeking relief from these harmful pests.


There are several types of roach species that inhabit Southwest Florida.  Some species, like the Palmetto, live and breed outside of your home and can be effectively treated within the scope of normal pest control services.  However, some species, like the German roach, may require additional, more specialized treatment methods to gain control and eliminate the infestation.  Regardless of the type of roach that may inhabit your home, proper identification of the insect will allow us to create a roach pest control treatment plan designed to effectively rid your home of these pests.



Due to a diverse number of species, these creatures are often found thriving in humid subtropical climates like Southwest Florida.  The presence of spider webs may indicate the need for a specialized spider treatment that focuses on eliminating the webs and treating the surrounding area.  We have specialized pest control treatment plans to keep your home protected.


Ticks & Fleas

Unfortunately, Naples and Southwest Florida has the perfect climate for fleas and ticks to thrive in your home environment. Bloodsucking fleas and ticks are generally introduced into your home by your dog or cat. Fortunately, Personalized Pest Control, Inc. has the most effective flea and tick program available. Our program involves providing 2 treatments within 7-10 days of each other to stop the life cycle. The first line of defense for ticks/fleas is to consistently treat the animal using flea/tick prevention and control medication. Secondly, the home must be treated both inside and outside thoroughly, including areas where your animal dwells. Ticks in Florida ARE an issue, and we provide superior bug services to ELIMINATE them.

fleas and ticks
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