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Since your home is usually your most valuable asset, it makes sense that you would want to protect it from the intrusion of unwanted guests. Ants, spiders, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, millipedes, and centipedes should not be living in your home. Personalized Pest Control, Inc. effectively treats pests in and around your home and can design a personalized program to meet your needs.

*Upon the initial assessment of your home and after each subsequent treatment, recommendations will be made as to how the homeowner can assist Personalized Pest Control, Inc. in maintaining a pest-free environment. This may include (but not limited to) trimming or removing plant matter that comes in contact with the exterior of the home, sweeping down spider webs on a weekly basis to deter spiders from seeking refuge in eaves and patio corners, and caulking holes/gaps in window sills or door jams that allow pests to gain entry into the home.


Common Pests


Ants are the #1 problem in pest control industry

Ants are considered the number one pest by most Florida pest control specialists. Most species are considered nuisance pests around the home because they feed on and contaminate food, create colonies in wall voids, and create unsightly mounds throughout yards. Though most ants are irritating and harmless, some ants, like fire ants, can cause painful bites and venomous stings. Prevention, as well as cleanliness, are the best lines of defense when it comes to controlling ant populations on your property.

If ants are present in your home or on your property, our highly-trained technicians will locate the nest or ant hill and treat the source of infestation.

There are many different species of ants, each being attracted to a variety of food sources. The key to effectively control ant populations is to identify the type of any and develop a pest control treatment plan based on the habits of specific ant species.


You may need specialized treatment

Roaches are not only a nuisance, they can destroy personal property, cause allergies, and spread disease. Personalized Pest Control offers cockroach control treatments that target and eliminate insect populations inside and outside of your home.

Some species like the German Roach may require specialized treatment methods to gain control and eliminate the infestation. Proper identification of the insect will allow us to create a roach pest control treatment plan designed to effectively rid your home of these pests.


The most effective program available

Unfortunately, Southwest Florida has the perfect climate to allow fleas and ticks to thrive in your home environment. Fortunately, Personalized Pest Control, Inc. has the MOST EFFECTIVE flea program available. Our program involves providing 2 treatments within 7-10 days of each other to stop the life cycle. The first line of defense for ticks/fleas is to consistently treat the animal with flea/tick prevention and control medication. Secondly. the home must be treated both inside and outside thoroughly, including areas where your animal dwells.


  1. Pick up any toys, clothes, shoes, etc. off the floor.
  2. Pick up ALL animal bedding and toys. Wash and dry these items, leaving them in the dryer until completion of the treatment.
  3. Any bedding that is touching the floor should be pulled up and placed on top of the bed.
  4. Vacuum/mop all floor surface. Discard the water. Throw away the vacuum bag outside the dwelling.
  5. Remove animals from treatment area for at least 2 hours after treatment.
  6. We recommend that all occupants vacate the treatment area as well for at least 2 hours after treatment.
  7. Do NOT vacuum/mop for at least 72 hours after the treatment.
  8. The animal(s) must also receive a flea treatment PRIOR to re-entering the home. We recommend a flea/tick bath used in conjunction with a flea prevention product as prescribed by your vet.
  9. A follow-up treatment will be scheduled within 7-10 days of the initial treatment to aid in breaking the life cycle of the fleas/ticks as well as treat any new egg hatchlings.

Following these guidelines will ensure that our technician is able to thoroughly treat the infested areas of the home. Personal items and/or clutter that remains on the floor or up against baseboards provide harbor-age for fleas while we are treating. To effectively control a flea/tick infestation, the chemical must be able to penetrate ALL areas of the dwelling.

IMPORTANT: In order to guarantee our work, both the pet and the environment must be treated. The absence of one of these treatments will not be effective in eliminating a flea or rick infestation.


Millipedes are usually a problem during the summer, rainy months. These "pests" are actually part of the crustacean family because they have a hard exoskeleton shell. They harbor in your lawn and shrubs and require a specialized pest control service that is designed to penetrate the hard outer shell. Special attention is given to mulched areas, edges of driveways and sidewalks, and the adjacent turf areas.



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