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Bed Bugs are some of Southwest Florida's most troublesome pests

Bed bug extermination is one of the most specialized treatments offered by pest control professionals. Bed bugs can enter your home by way of your clothing, personal items or in your suitcase. Once inside your home, they can travel through plumbing pipes and electrical wires and move from room to room within your walls.

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide emitted by humans. Generally, bed bugs feed on the blood of humans while they are in a restful state in bed. Bed bug bites are usually not painful and they do not carry any known diseases. However, individuals with allergies may be susceptible to the bites as a result of the saliva produced by the bed bugs. Additionally, as the population grows, a buildup of bed bug excrement and skin casings can produce more allergen issues.

Bed bugs hide in the folds, crevices and seams of upholstered furniture and mattresses. As populations increase, infestations will occur on headboards and other furniture within the room. Bed bug excrement appears as dark spots on surfaces, and crushed bed bugs will leave bloody marks on bed linens and mattresses.

The only way to remove an infestation of bed bugs is by the skilled precision of a professional pest control company—that’s where we come in.

Our Process:

The first line of defense when exterminating bed bugs is to thoroughly inspect the home for the presence of pesky bed bugs.

If bed bugs are identified, a treatment plan will be discussed with the homeowner. The inspection and the severity of the infestation will determine what course of treatment will be provided. As pest control professionals, we have a variety of treatment options available to us. It is important to note that we treat each home environment differently because no two situations are the same.

Additionally, we will recommend follow-up treatments for the home to ensure the effectiveness of the initial treatment program and to provide future protection against on-going infestations.


Watch out for signs that bed bugs could be in your home or business - Then call Personalized Pest Control.

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