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Palm Tree Treatments In Naples

Damage from Insects and Disease

While many palm species thrive without issue in Southwest Florida, the time may come where a palm tree becomes diseased or insect infested. Over the past decade, disease and insect-related issues have increased and ravaged a devastatingly large number of palms in the Naples area. The widespread palm diseases that are frequently found across Southwest Florida include, Fusariam Wilt, Ganoderma, Trunk Rot, and Crown Rot. 

Though not all palms are “curable,” they can be protected through proactive disease management and fertilization practices. This principal also reigns true when it comes to the prevention and control of insect infestation by Palm Weevils, Royal Palm Bug, Scale and Spiraling Whitefly.

 Just like humans, providing your palms with a healthy environment and proper nourishment is the best defense to prevent disease and insect infestation. Although the use of insecticides and fungicides are key components to a Palm Tree’s health and appearance, proper fertilization is also an important part of protection.

Damage from Storms

Palm trees have adapted in their tropical climates to withstand major windstorms, including hurricanes. Though palms are quite resilient, a major windstorm event such as Huriricane Irma, can damage even the healthiest palm trees. After the storm passes, take a moment to assess the damage to your landscaping and palms.

Hurricane force winds can damage the canopy of palms in the form of lost fronds and can also severly damage the root systems. When damage occurs to a palm after a tropical storm or hurricane, the tree must be treated to ensure its health and longevity.

Personalized Pest Control recommends that stressed palms receive a fertilization treatment containing an insecticide and fungicide to prevent disease and insect infestation. Treatment is crucial for a palm’s recovery.

If your palm trees have been affected by winds and storms, please contact the professionals at Personalized Pest Control at 239-455-844 for a free post-storm palm tree inspection.

palm trees against sky
palm trees against sky
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