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Get the best lawn pest management in the business.

A healthy landscape is possible when you have the right steps and tools, as well as proper updated care with our professional landscape services.

A managed landscape stays cooler while remaining water-friendly and greener than ever. Your lawn will benefit from healthy roots, weed control, to eliminating insects with upkeep and care.

We understand that landscapes can be time-consuming and hard labor, but leave it to us and our experts!

There are common landscape issues that can affect the growth in this Florida heat year-round. When creating a welcoming first impression with a positive vibrant lawn, you can avoid maintenance problems with unwanted invaders, such as weeds, diseases, and pests. We intend to target those problems for you.

Start with a healthy root system because healthy plants with strong roots fight weeds from growing by absorbing the water and nutrients. Don’t spend hours trying to pull weeds or do it yourself. 

We understand that landscapes can be time-consuming and hard labor,
but leave it to us and our experts!

Weed Control & Removal

Pesky weeds are a never-ending battle. No matter how hard you try, weeds can take over your turf. Our weed control service features lawn care experts who are trained for all types of weeds taking over the landscape.

We ensure proper lawn watering, and improper watering can cause a variety of issues, including unnecessary growth in over-watered lawns.

Helpful Tips

We have helpful tips for keeping up the ‘green thumb’ and maintaining your landscape. Mow as often as possible! Make sure to use mulch from recycled materials, and sharpen your mower blade frequently. Don’t mow grass that is wet or damp from the rain because it won’t work effectively. Remember that leftover grass clippings are useful for landscape nutrition, but avoid letting them run down into water areas. 

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Our highly effective techniques ensure that your home is kept free from termites, ants, spiders, millipedes, silverfish, roaches, fleas, ticks and more. Our residential pest control maintenance programs include total-home care, lawn, shrub and landscape pest control.

At Personalized Pest Control, consistency and professionalism is key. Our highly-trained exterminators are committed to providing accurate, consistent, high-quality pest control to maintain a pest-free environment.


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